Can You Remove Standing Water From Your Home As A DIY Project?

Standing water after a flood can be an overwhelming problem, especially for homeowners on a budget. Some people facing this situation may be tempted to remove the water themselves. Knowing the procedure as well as the risks can help you decide whether or not this task is right for you. Can you remove standing water from your home as a DIY project? Yes, you can remove standing water from your home as a DIY project.

Jobs Around The House That Can Benefit From A Pressure Washer

Before you rush into any major project in your house or yard, it's beneficial to evaluate whether you can buy or rent any equipment that will make the job -- and your life -- easier. Renting is ideal if you don't anticipate having to perform the job again, but given that many projects around the home will require periodical attention, it can often be a wise investment to purchase a pressure washer.

Melting, Warping, And Buckling: Common Causes Of Vinyl Siding Woes

Vinyl siding is affordable, attractive, and durable, which have all made the material one of the most popular in newer home builds. But no siding material is foolproof and even vinyl siding can experience cosmetic problems related to the weather or poor installation. What are some of the most common vinyl issues, what causes the problems, and how can you fix it? Melted Siding Melted siding doesn't actually drip off the side of your home.

The Common Types Of Chimney Liners

The chimney often serves as the centerpiece or "heart" of the home. Wood and gas pump through it to provide heat during the cold times, and it acts as a gathering place to enjoy the comfort of your family. It is also very important to choose the right lining for your chimney to stay happy and safe. Here are types of chimney liners you can use: Clay These are the most common type.

3 Major Challenges When Remodeling An Old House

Older homes have a rustic charm about them, but they can be difficult when doing remodeling projects. Before building materials were standardized and construction codes established, homes could be built any way the contractor wanted. Here are 3 common issues you may encounter when remodeling your old home.   Asbestos The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety notes that many countries have banned the use of asbestos for construction. In Canada, the use of asbestos has declined starting in the mid-1970s.

How To Prevent Asbestos From Becoming Harmful

As a homeowner, you have probably heard of asbestos and the problems that it can cause for you and your family. You're probably concerned about asbestos in your home having an effect on you and your loved ones, but you shouldn't necessarily be worried just because your home is older and has building materials that include asbestos. Asbestos only become harmful when they become airborne, so following these tips can help you keep you and your family safe.

Stove In For Repair? How To Get By In The Meantime

If your stove is out of commission for repairs, you may be in despair, wondering how you'll cook in the meantime, 'cause you LOVE food. Real food. If you have a vintage or specialty model, it could be a few weeks for parts to come in. Here's how to get by without going to the drive-up window every day. Appliances That Will Come in Handy If you have a bunch of other cooking appliances in your house, you can use those to substitute for your range and oven.