Can You Remove Standing Water From Your Home As A DIY Project?

Standing water after a flood can be an overwhelming problem, especially for homeowners on a budget. Some people facing this situation may be tempted to remove the water themselves. Knowing the procedure as well as the risks can help you decide whether or not this task is right for you. Can you remove standing water from your home as a DIY project? Yes, you can remove standing water from your home as a DIY project.

Jobs Around The House That Can Benefit From A Pressure Washer

Before you rush into any major project in your house or yard, it's beneficial to evaluate whether you can buy or rent any equipment that will make the job -- and your life -- easier. Renting is ideal if you don't anticipate having to perform the job again, but given that many projects around the home will require periodical attention, it can often be a wise investment to purchase a pressure washer.

Melting, Warping, And Buckling: Common Causes Of Vinyl Siding Woes

Vinyl siding is affordable, attractive, and durable, which have all made the material one of the most popular in newer home builds. But no siding material is foolproof and even vinyl siding can experience cosmetic problems related to the weather or poor installation. What are some of the most common vinyl issues, what causes the problems, and how can you fix it? Melted Siding Melted siding doesn't actually drip off the side of your home.